James Taylor Construction


Photo Gallery

In the photo gallery you will find homes of different styles that we have built over the last few years. We have built alot of residential & commerical styles. We try to work with customers to bring their dreams to life. Some have to be modified to be able to take from paper to reality. This is why we work with customers to help them realize what their ideas will look like. The customer is very involved in picking out the products that will help bring their dreams to life.

Custom made, aromatic red ceder, oak, hickory, pine, choice of hardware, will install any national brand hardware at cost. This chest is made of red cedar. It's a camel back style. Made of full 5 quarter material. Stain and finish is individual's option. For instance, this chest is natural wood with oil rub finish. Made in the USA. Lumber is from USA.


A new shop building that is currently in progress of being built.
Concrete work, building maintenance; commercial and residential.
Sprinkler systems and excavation.
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